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Latest Templates from Comply UK

Title Description Format
+ Risk assessments
    Office risk assessment
    Risk Assessment Template
    Stress RA
    Abrasive Wheels Use of abrasive wheels
    Asbestos Identification and removal of asbestos
    Bricklaying and building General bricklaying and building
    Chain Saw Use of a chain saw
    Confined spaces Working in confined spaces
    Crane Operations Crane Operations
    Delivery and Removal Materials - delivery to and removal from site
    Demolition Demolition
    Erection of fencing and posts Erection of fencing and posts
    Erection of structures Erection of structures in steel and concrete
    Excavation Excavation
    Excavation supports Excavation supports
    Excavators Use of Excavators
    Fall arrest Fall arrest
    Fall of materials Danger agreas from fall of materials
    False Work Erection and use
    Flat roofs Working on flat roofs - pitch less than 10 degrees
    Foundations Construction of foundations
    Fragile roofing material Work on or near fragile roofing material
    Gin Wheel Use of gin wheel
    Glazing Glazing
    Grit blasting Grit blasting
    Hoists Use of hoists
    Holes or edges Work near holes or edges
    Hop Up Brackets Movement of hop up brackets
    Hot Work Burning or ignition of waste or litter
    Installation Formwork Formwork installation
    Installation Gabions Installation of Gabions
    Lift Trucks Use of lift trucks
    Loler Machines Use of Loler Machines fitted with semi automatic or automatic quick hitch devices
    Mobile work platforms Use of mobile platforms (scissor list or cherry picker)
    Movement of plant Movement of plant
    New Expectant Mothers New Expectant Mothers Checklist
    New Expectant Mothers New Expectant Mothers Checklist
    Overhead obstruction and power lines Work near overhead obstructions and power lines
    Passenger Hoists Use of passenger hoiss
    Piling operations Piling operations
    Plant maintenance Maintenance, repair and servicing
    Plant, manual and powered Use of plant - manual and powered
    Portable Power Applicance Use of portable power appliance
    Portable Power Tools Portable Power Tools
    Removal of bird droppings Disturbance and removal of bird droppings
    Scaffold Crane Use of scaffold crane
    Scaffold Towers Use of mobile scaffold towers
    Scaffolds Use of scaffolds
    Sloping roofs Working on sloping roofs pitch 10 degree or more
    Snow and Ice Snow and Ice
    Static Scaffold Use of static scaffold towers
    Static Scaffold Towers Use of static scaffold towers
    Tractors and trailers Use of tractors and trailers on construction projects
    Trestles and Trestle scaffolds Use of trestles and trestle scaffolds
    Use of dumpers Use of dumpers
    Woodworking Machine Use of powered woodworking machine
    Work near buried services Buried Services
    Work Over or adjacent to water Work over or adjacent to water
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